Build a Bot

The Microsoft Bot Framework is a fantastic platform to build integrated and feature rich bots, but because of the broad base that the framework covers as well as the pace at which the team delivers updates to the framework, the documentation is not always 100%, and what is in use may change tomorrow, and don't forget about the name changes that happen.

Which is why, after spending time building out what a bot for a client of mine I wanted to take the learnings from that project and provide a set of tutorials on building a bot.

This series of how-to guides will walk through the extreme basic bot, the hello world option, through to the full enterprise level bot with integration into azure services such as,, and storage services. This page will be updated with the links to the various tutorials as they become available.

Source code: github

  1. Introduction to the Bot Framework
  2. Bot Says What? (Hello World).
  3. Lets talk.
  4. Save the conversation.
  5. Lets get intuitive.
  6. Ask me a Question.
  7. I want to Cancel this.

NB: This list and the order can change at any time until the post is published.